Father's Day Reflections: Len's Story

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This week, the TN Team Blog is celebrating Father's Day by sharing our staff's stories of events they attended with their dads. Want to make your own memories? Check out our Father's Day Gift Ideas Guide for a hand-picked selection of events that Dad is sure to enjoy!

Editor's Note: Today's story was contributed by Len, a member of the TN Team who is a father himself. Happy (early) Father's Day, Len!

Len's Memory

In 1963, I went to see my first live baseball game with my dad. I still remember the feelings I had when I walked into Yankee Stadium and looked at the field and the beautiful green grass.

Every game we went to I had the same excited feeling of looking out at the field where my heroes played. My dad was my hero, too. He introduced me to baseball, and he was even my first Little League coach. Now, every chance I get, I like to take my sons to see the Yankees play.

My experiences with my dad grew into a passion for baseball, and eventually I became a coach for both of my sons. I still go to Yankees games today with my boys, but I wish I would be able to take my dad too. Every time I watch a game, I think of him and all the lessons in life he taught me.

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