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Just like last season, the Miami Heat have taken a two games to one lead in the NBA Finals after beating the Oklahoma City Thunder 91-85 on Sunday night. Of course, last season the Heat went on to lose the next three games to Mavericks and lose the series overall. They hope they will have a very different outcome this year.

2012 NBA Finals Ticket Prices on

Game City Date Avg. Price
Avg. Price
4 Miami June 19 $1,047 $828
5 Miami June 21 $1,289 $811
6* OKC June 24 $2,594 $2,423
7* OKC June 26 $2,276 $2,145
* If Necessary

The Heat did not play their best game last night, shooting only 38 percent from the field, but they did do one thing well: shoot free throws. The team went to the line 35 times, making an unbelievable 31 of them. On the flip side, the Oklahoma City Thunder went to the free throw line just 24 times, making only 15. That's a 16-point difference, which was undeniably the difference in the game.

Although the series is just starting to heat up, the average ticket prices listed on have started to drop. The most substantial difference is seen in Thursday night's Game 5 in Miami, where the average listed price for tickets has dropped more than 37% since last Friday. Tuesday's Game 4 also has had a large drop in price, decreasing by more than 20%.

Game 4 will take place Tuesday, June 19. If you would like tickets to Game 4 or any other game during the NBA Finals, click here to view the selection available at

Averages in table are based on the listed ticket price on as of 10:30 a.m. EDT on 6/18/2012. Prices may fluctuate based on demand.