The road to 1 million tickets....

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The road to 1 million tickets....

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1 million

June has been BIG for The one millionth ticket was sold through our online marketplace this month! The landmark ticket was purchased by a customer in Ohio for an upcoming Jackson Browne concert.

One million tickets is a lot — a lot of live entertainment fans (like you!) searching for must-have tickets, and a lot of other people (from other fans to independent ticket brokers) looking to sell their extra or unwanted tickets. certainly has come a long way since its launch in 2007. For instance...

Did you know...?

  • The first ticket sold through was for a Stevie Wonder concert.

  • Traffic on has grown more than 600% since 2007.

  • Our site now displays tickets for more than 75,000 events worldwide.

  • We've served more than 380,000 customers from 113 countries and territories.

As much as some things have changed, other things — such as each year's most in-demand tickets — have stayed fairly consistent. Since 2007, the top-selling performers on the marketplace have been time-tested entertainment legends and the latest up-and-coming teen phenomenons.

Top-Selling Performers/Events on

2007* — Celine Dion, Hannah Montana: Celine Dion continues to win over audiences with her soaring voice. But, wow, remember when Miley Cyrus and her fictional alter ego Hannah Montana were stirring up a tween frenzy?

2008 — Madonna, Jonas Brothers: The Material Girl is always a spectacle on the road. In fact, she's got another world tour going as we speak. Meanwhile, 2008 saw Jonas Brothers seated firmly atop their teen heartthrob thrones.

2009 — Super Bowl XLIII, Taylor Swift: The Super Bowl is the biggest championship event of the year for many sports fans. And in 2009, it was the biggest event of the year — period — among customers. This year also marked the start of Taylor Swift's astronomic rise to fame.

2010 — Justin Bieber, Wicked: Just a year earlier, Justin Bieber began making a name for himself through viral YouTube videos and as an opener for Taylor Swift. (Yes! This actually happened!) But by 2010, he was a phenomenon in his own right, while Wicked stepped out as the driving force in live theater.

2011 — Wicked, Taylor Swift: Hey, these faces are familiar... Oh, right, because both acts had previous stints in the Top Two on in previous years.

2012** — Wicked, Justin Bieber: I guess things don't change as much as we'd like to believe. Some acts just keep getting bigger and bigger...

* Q4 only.
** Through 6/14/12 only.

The TN Team Blog will continue its celebration of the great One Millionth Ticket Milestone later this week, as we say "THANK YOU!" to our loyal customers with a little giveaway.... Check back in the next day or two for full details on what you can win and how!

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