What people are talking about this week: Colorado Fires, NBA Draft, Euro 2012
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Ahh...the end of the June is here at last. Now on to July, which for me will be incredibly busy for much of the month. So lets get right to it.

Colorado Fires

In what has been a devastating week for residents in and around Colorado Springs, CO, a wildfire that started Saturday remains a very real threat. It has driven over 36,000 people from their homes, and claimed at least one life. The good news is that firefighters may be starting to beat it back, but there is a lot of work ahead of them

NBA Draft

The 2012 NBA Draft picks were chosen last night. Pretty much nobody was surprised that Kentucky's Anthony Davis was chosen by the New Orleans Hornets. The man has been the player to watch for the last two years, so not being picked first would have been even bigger news.

Euro 2012

Meanwhile, across the pond in Europe, the final tournament of the Euro 2012 soccer championship semi-finals continued yesterday with Italy beating Germany 2-1. They will now face Spain, who beat Portugal in a penalty shootout on Wednesday, in Sunday's final.

And yes, I know it's the end of TomKat. But what do you say that hasn't already been said about so many other Hollywood pairings?

Have a good weekend, everyone. We'll see you again in July!

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