NFL football is back! Kind of... 2012 NFL training camp begins

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The NBA and NHL seasons are over. Baseball is in its dog days of summer, with many fans losing hope for their team's chances. But this week marks the beginning of NFL training camp and sports fans everywhere are looking forward to the upcoming NFL season.

Rookies from the across the league have already reported to their team's camps, but this week marks the official start when veterans arrive to get ready for 2012.

Here are some of the things to keep an eye on as training camp gets underway:

What to Watch For

Peyton on the Rocky Top - After missing last season due to a serious neck injury, quarterback Peyton Manning left the Colts to join the Denver Broncos - the same team that was led by the ridiculously popular Tim Tebow just a year ago. Now the Broncos will be featuring a brand-new offense and this year's Broncos training camp will be important for Manning and his receivers to get on the same page. Oh, and one more thing about Tebow...

Tebow takes off for the Jets - After the Broncos acquired Manning, they decided to send Tebow to the Jets. The eyes of New York will now be on Tebow as well as incumbent starting quarterback Mark Sanchez. The Jets' front office and coaches have said that Sanchez remains their starter, but it will be interesting to watch the dynamic of the two players at Jets camp.

Can Randy Moss be his old self again? - After taking last year off following an awful 2010 season split between three teams (Patriots, Vikings and Titans), WR Randy Moss joins the San Francisco 49ers this season. Early reports are that Moss looks like the Moss of old, but people will be watching to see how Randy reacts after quarterback Alex Smith misses him when he is wide open.

Next generation of QBs - Although very different quarterbacks, Andrew Luck of the Colts and Robert Griffin III of the Redskins do share one thing: they will be the center of attention at each of their camps. As each gets a taste of NFL football, critics will be looking to find holes in their games.

Training Camp Schedule

Team Report Date Team Report Date
Baltimore Ravens 7/25 Arizona Cardinals 7/23
Buffalo Bills 7/25 Atlanta Falcons 7/25
Cincinnati Bengals 7/26 Carolina Panthers 7/27
Cleveland Browns 7/26 Chicago Bears 7/25
Denver Broncos 7/25 Dallas Cowboys 7/29
Houston Texans 7/27 Detroit Lions 7/26
Indianapolis Colts 7/28 Green Bay Packers 7/25
Jacksonville Jaguars 7/26 Minnesota Vikings 7/26
Kansas City Chiefs 7/26 New Orleans Saints 7/24
Miami Dolphins 7/26 New York Giants 7/26
New England Patriots 7/25 Philadelphia Eagles 7/25
New York Jets 7/26 St. Louis Rams 7/28
Oakland Raiders 7/29 San Francisco 49ers 7/26
Pittsburgh Steelers 7/25 Seattle Seahawks 7/27
San Diego Chargers 7/25 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7/26
Tennessee Titans 7/27 Washington Redskins 7/25