Workplace Donut Etiquette

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If you have ever worked in an office, you know that one fixture that always seems to show up at meetings is donuts. Fresh and delicious enough to keep you invested in the meeting. There is nothing like a Boston creme or glazed donut to get your creative juices flowing.

But, just like anything else in this world, there is a certain etiquette that should be followed if you and your co-workers come face-to-face with donuts. Here are a few pet peeves of mine:

#1 - Taking more than one donut at once

Ok, so you didn't have breakfast yet. Ok, so you are hungry. That's all well and good, but come on! There are other people in that meeting who may want a donut too and you are hoarding them all yourself. Not cool.

#2 - Touching other donuts you don't take

Just by looking at a donut in the box, you can pretty much get the idea of what it is. There is no need to pick up any of the others to inspect them and make sure you don't want those instead. You touch it, you take it.

#3 - Complaining about the flavor selection

Hey, big guy, did you pay for those donuts? No. Be grateful and enjoy your free breakfast. Oh, and to the donut bringer: don't stuff the selection of donuts with just flavors you like. Don't force your favorite flavors on me!

#4 - Cutting a small portion out of a whole donut

You people know who you are. That donut is now officially dead to me. If you only want a bite of a donut, offer to share with someone, or better yet, go out and purchase one donut hole instead. Don't sacrifice that donut's life for your momentary bite of donut bliss.

#5 - Don't be a donut vulture

Every company has them. They're the people who somehow always know when a fresh batch of donuts has made its way into the office and swoop in to grab their donut prey. Hey those guys... stop. Thank you.

#6 - Don't leave an empty box of donuts out

If you take the last donut in the box, pick it up and throw it in the trash. Not only is it common courtesy, it will save your fellow coworker who was longing for a donut the devastation of opening up the box only to find nothing but crumbs remaining.

Are there any other workplace donut eating etiquette rules that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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Harlie said...

Cutting the Boston Creme doughnut in half goes against everything I believe in!! The pudding inside goops out and ruins the doughnut FOREVER!

August 10, 2012 at 10:12 AM

Erinhasthoughts said...

Donut holes are always the way to go.  Then people can eat donuts in bites instead of having to A. forgo the whole fatty experience or B. piss everyone in the office off by cutting a donut into whatever "diet-approved-size" they deem is appropriate.  If you're the one that does this, you're not kidding anyone, we all know you're going back for the rest when no one is looking.

Also, munchkins allow people to have an unsurpassed donut experience by allowing  you to have many different varieties of donuts.  Oh, and also makes it much less sad for the person who gets stuck with the plain one since its much smaller in size.  Just sayin.

August 16, 2012 at 9:18 AM

allison said...

Erin, you had me at "unsurpassed donut experience."

August 17, 2012 at 1:29 PM