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If there's any band that can legitimately claim to be the band of pre-teens everywhere for the late 2000's, it's probably The Jonas Brothers. This was the go-to band for that group of people back when Justin Bieber and One Direction were respectively just some kids from Canada and the U.K.

What was initially intended to be focused around only Nick Jonas become something much bigger. The three brothers were signed, first to Columbia Records and then to Hollywood Records, and began recording and touring. They pretty quickly gained popularity, and four albums and five tours later you'd be hard pressed to find someone that didn't know about them. The brothers were more than just pop stars; they were TV and film stars, too, whether guest-starring on shows featuring other artists like Miley Cyrus or starring in their own productions.

Then, just as it seemed they couldn't possibly claim any more of the spotlight, they backed away from it. They went their separate ways, with Nick and Joe forming solo projects and Kevin hiding out until his recently premiered reality show. In the void left by their absence, Justin Bieber and One Direction rose up to claim the spotlight.

For a while it seemed as if we'd heard the last of the brothers, but now they're heading to Radio City Music Hall on October 11 for a reunion concert and have a new album coming out this year or next. Does this mean the trio is returning to full touring status?

If so, it doesn't appear as if their target audience is really that enthused, as demand at is really low, especially compared to some past Jonas Brothers shows in the same city. The Jonas' have never held a concert at Radio City before, but they had a few at the much larger Madison Square Garden back in 2008, and that venue isn't located too far away. So far, only about a third as many tickets have sold on for the Radio City show as sold for the worst-selling MSG show from the 2008 tour. Now, granted, there is still over a month until the concert, but at the rate tickets are selling (which slowed considerably following the onsale date), not nearly as many tickets will sell for this concert as for the one at MSG.

The average selling price between the shows certainly reflects the issue: $127 for the Radio City show versus $197 at the Madison Square Garden show*. If demand does not increase soon, the Radio City price will likely fall even further.

With all this, one wonders if most people who were fans of the Jonas Brothers a few years ago have moved on, either because of their age or because they found someone new like One Direction. That's the conclusion I came to a couple weeks ago when demand for Justin Bieber fell pretty quickly after his tickets went on sale. Groups that cater to the pre-teen audience seem to rise up but fall pretty quickly if they're off the radar for any amount of time.

I think we'll only know for sure if the Jonas' do announce a tour and demand is still low, but if this one concert is any kind of predictor, the Jonas Brothers may just be old news.

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