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As the summer transitions into fall, a lot of concert artists are announcing tours, and so there are a lot of big on sales coming up this week:


Average Prices at for Concert Onsales*

Bob Dylan$156
Green Day$279
Paul McCartney$249
  • Over 50 concerts for the 2012 Trans-Siberian Orchestra tour are going on sale Friday, Saturday, and Monday. The orchestra is performing their fourth album, The Lost Christmas Eve, as well as other TSO favorites. Two concurrent tours begin on November 15 and run until December 30.
  • Rihanna has over a dozen dates on sale Friday, Satuday, and Monday. She is going on the first leg of her new Diamonds World Tour, which will run from March to May of 2013.
  • Bob Dylan also has more than a dozen concerts on sale. He is taking to the road with Mark Knopfler from early October to late November of this year.
  • Green Day's new ¡UNO!,¡DOS!, ¡TRÉ! TOUR! has seven shows on sale Friday and Saturday. The tour will begin in late November and run through February 2013.
  • Paul McCartney is playing a few cities in North America this November as part of his On the Run Tour. The four dates are on sale this Friday.


Average Prices at for Sports Onsales*

Atlanta Braves$89
Boston Celtics$183
  • Tickets are on sale for the Atlanta Braves playoff games starting today. The postseason begins on October 5.
  • Tickets for the Boston Celtics' preseason and regular season are on sale tomorrow. The preseason begins on October 13.


Average Prices at for Theater Onsales*

Jerry Seinfeld$306
Brian Regan$132
  • Jerry Seinfeld has dates on sale this Friday for Mashantucket, CT; Gainsville, FL; and Anchorage and Fairbanks, AK.
  • Brian Regan has several shows on sale this Friday, including shows in Cincinnati, OH; Roanoke, VA; and East Lansing, MI.

*Average prices are as of 9/12/12 4:00 PM EDT. Prices are not set by and may fluctuate based on market demand.