A look back at five great years for TicketNetwork.com

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TicketNetwork.com - For five years and counting.

Today is TicketNetwork.com's Fifth Anniversary! Although our site existed in some form or another before then, it's been five years since we launched ourselves as a retail site. And what a journey it has been. In that time, we've changed rapidly and grown dramatically. Let's take a look back at how things have evolved.

We've changed our look quite a bit

When we launched in 2007, the site looked a lot different than it does now. For one thing, there was a lot less emphasis on blue, grey, and red, which we currently feature throughout the site. Instead, there was a lot more green and yellow. In a revision from early 2008, we dispensed with some of the green and began to move toward the blue that would later become a big part of the site for a long time. During this time we also launched our affiliate program.

TicketNetwork.com layout from our launch in September 2007.
The TN.com layout at launch.
TicketNetwork.com layout as of January 2008.
Revision from January 2008.

By mid-2008, the time had come for a major makeover. Enter bluepalooza. Everywhere you went...blue. Blue logo, blue header, blue gradients. Can you guess our favorite color from that time? Hint: It started with the letter "B." Of course, by early 2009, things started to change again. For the first time, gray started to peek through and the On Sale Now section gained some seasonal color.

TicketNetwork.com layout as of August 2008.
First version of the second layout from August 2008.
TicketNetwork.com layout as of February 2009.
Revision from February 2009.

Just when it seemed we had things settled, we changed again in late 2009, to more or less what you're seeing now. Gone was much of the blue; in its place was gray and red. And we've been there ever since!

We've gotten a lot more visitors and customers

TN.com ticket sale by category since launch
Ticket sales by category since 2007.

Since 2007, we've seen an amazing increase in traffic to the site. Visits have increased nearly 600%. Most of our traffic, about 88%, comes from the United States, and about 12% from other countries. Although our traffic is very United States-heavy, we've served over 425,000 customers from 113 countries and territories!

Of all the tickets sold through TicketNetwork.com's exchange, about 57% have been for a sports event of some sort, while 32% have been for a concert or comedy event, and 10% for a theater show. The final 1% were for some other type of event (such as a non-Cirque du Soleil circus).

Despite the relatively low percentage of tickets sold for theater, Wicked has actually been the top-selling event on TicketNetwork.com. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift is the highest-selling artist for concerts, and Monster Jam is the top-seller for sports.

We've moved four times

TicketNetwork.com's original building.
Our former location.

As TicketNetwork, Inc., our corporate parent, has grown larger, we've had to move not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times! The location the TN.com team started in (the company's second building overall) was nice and cozy, but we outgrew it pretty quickly. So for about nine months, part of the company, including our team, was moved to what was the company's original location. Finally, last August, everyone was reunited at our current location.

However, when our team first moved here, our permanent location was still under construction. So, we had to move yet again after a month or two. You can see more photos of our intermediate locations at this blog post from last August.

We've upgraded our technology

TN.com interactive map of Yankee Stadium with

During the last five years, we've added new features to the site, so that customers have an easier time of doing what they're here to do: buy tickets.

As an example, our interactive maps allow ticket seekers to view and scroll across a venue, and filter the ticket listings to one or more specific sections. Likewise, for some stadiums, customers can select a section and see a photo of the view from that area.

Meanwhile, our alerts feature launched in 2011. Since they were introduced, there have been over 84,000 alert signups. Which performer has the most? Justin Bieber, of course...we're not surprised.

Speaking of event alerts, we cannot forget our weekly newsletter, which itself has evolved from two separate editions — one covering sports and the other concerts and theater — to six editions that we hand edited (from personal experience, this was tedious work), to multiple editions that are now more or less automated.

Homepage of the TicketNetwork.com mobile site

Finally, we launched our mobile site earlier this year. It couldn't have come at a better time, given the growth of mobile traffic over the past few years. For example, 24% of visits to TicketNetwork.com over the past year were from mobile devices, including tablets.

The percentage of visitors from mobile keeps growing month after month, so we're happy to be able to make the mobile experience that much easier for our customers. The mobile site has been pared down to the essentials, giving customers everything they need to buy tickets within a few easy taps.

Looking ahead...

So what do the next five years hold for TicketNetwork.com? That one is pretty easy, we'll be evolving the design of our site to make your ticket-buying experience better, implementing more great features for easy ticket-listing access, sharing more insights on the best events and, most importantly, giving you access to tickets for your favorite events! We hope you'll join us as we continue on into the future.

Be sure to return later today for more 5th Anniversary festivities, including the announcement of the winner of our 5th Anniversary Sweepstakes.

Stats and percentages are as of 9/21/2012 11:00 a.m. EDT.