Major onsales this week: Phish, DMB, Brazil vs. Colombia, musicals, comedians
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Up this week are the four shows that Phish performs in the run up to the new year. Apart from that, the Dave Matthews Band has a number of onsales, as does George Strait. In sports, there is a soccer match between two national teams, and in theater two comedians and two shows have onsales.


Average prices at for concert onsales*

Phish $498
DMB $370
George Strait $440
3 Doors Down $188
Lady Gaga $409
  • Those four Phish shows are on sale this Saturday.
  • Almost all of the Dave Matthews Band's Winter Tour is on sale Friday. A few lingering dates don't go on sale until next week.
  • There are a few more George Strait and Martina McBride tour concerts on sale Friday.
  • The 3 Doors Down and Daughtry tour also has a few more shows on sale Friday.
  • Lady Gaga's Vegas show is on sale this Friday.


Average prices at for sports onsales*

Brazil vs. Colombia $160
  • The Brazilian and Colombian national soccer teams are coming to MetLife Stadium on November 15. The match is on sale today.


Average prices at for theater onsales*

Brian Regan $163
Louie Anderson $163
Sister Act $163
Memphis - The Musical $149
  • There are a over a dozen onsales this Friday for comedian Brian Regan's tour.
  • Louie Anderson has onsales for nine shows in Las Vegas that will run throughout the second half of December.
  • Sister Act has onsales for a production in Orlando, FL.
  • Memphis has onsales for a production in Milwaukee, WI.

*Average prices are as of 10/17/12 2:30 PM EDT. Prices are not set by and may fluctuate based on market demand. Average prices for concerts and theater shows are for the entire tour/residency. Average prices for a team's post-season home games are for the series specified.

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