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Christmas is now officially one week away, and once again, the NBA has scheduled a full slate of games that will fill more than 12 hours of your holiday with basketball goodness. Just like in years past, the league made sure to have some of the best match-ups of the entire season for the day's games. Here is a look at all the games on December 25:

Brooklyn Nets vs. Boston Celtics
Barclays Center, 12 p.m. EST

The Christmas Day schedule tips off with a match-up of two teams that have developed some bad blood for each other this season. On November 28, the Nets and Celtics had a what some called a "brawl" — I'll say it was more like a dust-up — that resulted in three players being ejected (including former Mr. Kim Kardashian). I would expect this game to have its fair share of tense moments as well and should be a good start to the day's games.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. New York Knicks
Staples Center, 3 p.m. EST

Before the season began, most experts predicted this would be a game between a true contender for the championship and an underachieving, mediocre team. Those experts just mixed up the two. The Knicks have been the surprise team this year, racing off to the best record in the Eastern Conference, while the Lakers look lost. The Lakers do have one thing to be hopeful for on Christmas; two-time MVP point guard Steve Nash, who has been out since October 31, hopes to be ready to play in this game.

Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
American Airlines Arena, 5:30 p.m. EST

Of all the games on the Christmas schedule, this will be the biggest. It's a rematch of last season's NBA Finals and match-up of the leagues two biggest stars, Kevin Durant and LeBron James. LeBron and the Heat got the better of Durant and the Thunder in the Finals, but so far this season, the Thunder have been by far the best team in the league. With the game being on national television, both teams will certainly be coming out with their best shots to show the world who the best truly is.

Chicago Bulls vs. Houston Rockets
United Center, 8 p.m. EST

When the NBA scheduled the Chicago Bulls for this game, they hoped that superstar point guard Derrick Rose would be on the court. Unfortunately, he remains out due to the injury in last season's playoffs. Even with his absence, the game does feature some big names, most notably the Rockets' James Harden and Jeremy Lin, who both have helped Houston garner plenty of headlines this season.

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Denver Nuggets
Staples Center, 10:30 EST

This will be the second game of the day at the Staples Center, which means a long day for some Staples Center employees who have to change the court over in just a few hours (see video below), but it'll be a great day for basketball fans in the City of Angels. The Clippers have always been the ugly stepchild of Los Angeles sports, but over the last couple years, they have slowly climbed their way out of the basement. They are tied for the second-best record in the league and are playing far superior to the Lakers. This is a shot to show a national audience that they are NBA Finals contenders.

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