Funny reactions to awesome Christmas gifts

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Each holiday season, plenty of parents are armed with cameras, ready to capture the look on their kids’ faces as they open that one gift – their Best Gift Ever.

When I was young, one of my favorite presents was a super-amazing stereo, something that is all but obsolete now. No matter, it was the best, it was silver and teal, it was shiny, and it was mine, all mine. I didn’t have to play music out in the living room anymore and get yelled at for “that racket” — I was free! With iPods, laptops, and a jillion other contraptions, stereos seem completely barbaric now. But I can’t tell you how fun it was to DJ in my room, blast awesomely bad pop music and dance around pretending I was a superstar. Not that I did that.

Here are some other people’s Best! Gifts! Ever!

OMG a foot cleaner

Do you spend your days yearning for items advertised on late-night infomercials? What about a foot cleaner? This little girl yearns for a combination of both, and made it so known that she got the present for Christmas. Odd as it may seem, she's so psyched about it, she can barely talk. Her feet will be the cleanest in the entire school.

Merry Christmas baby!

Sometimes parents need to get cool gifts, too, right? Equal parts funny, sappy, and adorable, this video also shows a pretty creative way of letting your parents know you're having a baby.

A gift from Santa Paws

This video combines my favorite things ever: Christmas, elderly people, surprises, gifts, and puppies. I always dreamed of being gifted an adorable little puppy for Christmas, so I think this is amazing! And that happy look on her face? Seriously priceless.

Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOUR

No Christmas reaction list would be complete without the kid who started it all. The video has been viewed more than 16 million times on YouTube and is arguably one of the most hilarious and awesome reactions caught on video. That kid really, really, really loves his “Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOUR!”

What was your best gift ever?