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This week, the world ponders if we really need another Kardashian, what that Kardashian will be named, and the awesomeness of Beyonce.

Baby Kimye

Another Kardashian is pregnant! Yay? Kim is the kind of celebrity that everyone has an opinion about, and with her mom’s uncanny ability to make everything into a publicity moment, speculation about Baby Kimye won't go away anytime soon. I mean, not only is the baby going to have Kim Kardashian for a mom, but people seem to conveniently be forgetting that KANYE WEST is the father. Can’t you just see Kanye getting on Twitter and writing in all caps about how his baby is "ONE OF THE BEST BABIES OF ALL TIME"? I like to imagine he and Jay-Z backstage after a show trading stories about the ways they’ve babyproofed their mansions. And the playdates! Blue Ivy and Baby Kimye can be BFFs. It’s like a real-life fairytale, except with more cameras and vulgarity.

Say my name, say my name

And what will Kimye NAME their baby? Will they straight up name it Kimye? Stick with K theme? Or maybe Kanye West Jr., regardless of whether it’s a girl or boy? Unique names are kind of the norm for celebrities in the U.S. (Apple, Blue Ivy, Jermajesty), but they don't exactly fly everywhere else. This week, a story surfaced about a girl in Iceland who is suing for the right to use her legal name. Blaer, which means "light breeze" in Icelandic, isn’t on the list of 1,853 approved government names for women. Huffington Post compiled a list of other banned names across the globe. A few: Dear Pineapple; A (pronounced Albin); and @. Meanwhile, actor Jason Lee has a child named Pilot Inspektor. Good ol’ USA!

Lady Marmalade Part Deux?

Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Azealia Banks, and Rihanna might collaborate on a new single called "Ratchet." Cue me screaming internally because oh my GOD. It started when Beyonce and Gaga posted photos of themselves wearing earrings that say ‘ratchet.’ (The two have teamed up twice before for "Telephone" and "Video Phone.") In October, Azealia Banks confirmed she’d be working with Gaga on a song called “Ratchet,” and Rihanna recently tweeted Lady Gaga lyrics with the hashtag #ratchet. Fine, so, it's not much to go on, but a girl can dream. Imagine the halftime Superbowl show if this turns out to be true?!

I somehow managed to connect every story this week to Beyonce (she and Jay-Z are close with Kanye) so I've fulfilled a life goal. Have a great weekend, everyone!