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This week we’re into collectively stepping into a music time machine, the end of that-couple-that-we-thought-would-last-forever, and hockey is kind of, almost, back.

Old artists, new music

If I told you Destiny’s Child and Justin Timberlake were both releasing a new song, you’d probably think we were somewhere around 2004, and that the world had not yet experienced the famous Super Bowl XXVIII Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson controversy. But you’d be wrong — both artists announced yesterday that they’d be releasing new music, and the world collectively danced to "Rock Your Body" and "Survivor," because why not? Justin Timberlake linked us to a website that counts down till the release of his next single, while Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams will release their second compilation album called "Love Songs" with a new song on it . This mostly means nothing to people who weren't a huge fan of music in the mid-2000s, but for the rest of us, it’s like the music goddesses have been listening to our prayers and delivered.

NHL Lockout

NHL lockout is over

The NHL lockout is done! Yay! …Sort of. So, even though Commissioner Gary Bettman and Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs apologized for wanting to pay players less (which is what started the whole ordeal), the games haven't actually been confirmed just yet. But we do know they'll start a shortened 48-game schedule Jan. 19, and that the NHL Board of Governors ratified the new CBA on Jan. 9 following a 16-hour continuous negotiation session just a few days earlier. Progress! (We'll update you next week with the full list of games once tickets go on sale. Promise.)

So long, Haylor

What? Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles have broken up? Say it ain’t so! We all totally thought they’d be together forever and get married and have blue-eyed, curly-haired, harmonizing babies! (I’m imagining the von Trapp family, here.) The two took a trip to some island or something and then they broke up for whatever reason and now there's a hilarious photo of Taylor Swift going home, alone, on a boat. The singer is notorious for writing songs about her break-ups and make-ups, and yesterday she tweeted that she was already in the studio, so expect that song about Harry sometime within the next year or two. My favorite thing about this is the replies to Taylor from Directioners. One said, and I’m quoting, "If you write a song about Harry, I will find you, and it will be your fault."

My general disposition on life is "excited," but I really am looking forward to the new JT/Destiny’s Child music. Who would you like new music from?