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OMG, Michelle Obama has bangs!? And other important things, like Oprah intimidating Lance Armstrong and a hilarious video of NFL players saying weird things.

NFL Bad Lip Reading

If you’ve never seen a Bad Lip Reading video, I highly recommend starting with this one. I’m not sure when it surfaced, but I’d heard some people mention it, and finally, last night, our co-worker Allison did us all a huge favor and passed the link around. (In “The Sports Guy” Tim’s defense, he’d seen it much earlier but didn't think we’d appreciate it. Fair enough.) Bad Lip Reading is exactly what it sounds like – each video’s original sound is eliminated. Then a group of people read each person’s lips and make up an entirely new dialogue, making it seem like Tom Brady is saying "Guys, I found Fido!" in the middle of the football field. It’s ridiculous, kind of stupid, and astonishingly hilarious.

Michelle Obama bangs

Michelle Obama gets bangs

Media outlets have been chronicling the style of FLOTUS since Barack Obama became president, including her scandalous decision to bare her arms and her bob haircut. So it’s no surprise that people were excited when her official Twitter account released a photo of her and — surprise! — she had bangs. Seriously. This is a thing. In fairness, she looks amazing, but I don’t know. Do we need articles about it? Ah, well. It was also her birthday! Which is somehow less of a big deal than her new hairstyle.

Oprah gets Lance to confess

Okay, so, Oprah getting people to bear their heart and soul is nothing new — remember Tom Cruise jumping on the couch and professing his love for Katie Holmes? — but this week, she got Lance Armstrong to admit that he took "performance-enhancing drugs" during parts of his cycling career. No big deal. Lance was already stripped of all of his titles and endorsements earlier this year; Oprah gets to the bottom of what happened. I almost feel sorry for the guy, if only because he embarrassed himself in front of Oprah. You don’t get to embarrass yourself in front of Oprah. Oprah embarrasses you in front of Oprah. (James Frey, anyone?) All this story does is prove to me that Oprah should probably still have her talk show. (BTW, the second part of the interview airs tonight, Jan. 18, at 9 p.m. on OWN.)

Do you think one day Oprah might rule the world? I’m okay with that. Have a great weekend, everyone!