Three must-follow Tumblr blogs

Three must-follow Tumblr blogs

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My name’s Crystal, and I’m a Tumblr addict. I love Tumblr because at any given time I can find amazing illustrations, comics, and news items not covered by the mainstream media juxtaposed between gratuitous pictures of food and an adorable video of puppies.

There are tons of Tumblrs out there now, some that I’ve already written about in a post a few weeks back. Here are a few of the blogs I follow and love.

Garfield Minus Garfield

Garfield Minus Garfield

I loved Garfield comics as a kid, although it didn’t do much to foster my love for actual cats (sorry, cat lovers). But I’d all but forgotten about Garfield as I grew up. Garfield Minus Garfield takes old Garfield comic strips and Photoshops the lasagna-obsessed cat — and his thoughts — out of it "in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle" (according to the creators). Jon was probably the least interesting character in the strip. Like, less interesting than the spiders Garfield would try to kill. But without the other characters, Jon is the star, and it brings up a question I’ve always wondered: is Jon crazy? Seriously, guys, is he, or can he actually talk to and understand his cat? And if he could talk to and understand his cat, is he crazy anyway? Some of the strips are pretty funny without Garfield, while others are a little sad, but either way, I find it pretty interesting.

Lady Bug shoes

Things Miss Frizzle Would Wear

Remember the PBS show "The Magic School Bus" led by the awesome, red-haired teacher Miss Frizzle? In the show, Miss Frizzle always made it a point to dress for the lesson she was teaching. Things Miss Frizzle Would Wear gathers quirky fashion accessories, clothes, and shoes that Miss Frizzle might wear, like Gasoline Glamour's Lady Bug heels. I loved that show as a kid and I also like to admire strange fashion, so I love this blog. Sometimes it even inspires me to buy an item or two.

Retta Twitter

Retta Tweets TV

This Tumblr is easily one of the best ones I’ve ever come across. Retta is a hilarious comedian who really shines on Twitter (her Twitter is NSFW, due to language/swearing). She’s sort of like a hidden gem, with only 86,000 or so followers (meanwhile, Kim Kardashian as 17 million). You may recognize Retta from the best show ever, "Parks and Recreation," where she plays Donna Meagle, a Mercedes-obsessed Parks & Rec employee who helped create the "Treat Yo’ Self" holiday. Okay, I’m getting too deep into P&R references. Sorry. Anyway, Retta live-tweets the shows she watches, including her own show "Parks and Rec." Retta Tweets TV takes the gems and pairs them with images from whatever show she’s talking about. Love it.

Judge me not for a being a Tumblr addict. Or go ahead and judge me, and I'll post about it on Tumblr.

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