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Lip-syncing, the Super Bowl, and Mad Men are on our minds this week.

Beyonce lip-synced?

The Inauguration happened, but you might not know it because everyone's been talking about Beyonce and how she may have lip-synced the National Anthem. I love Bey, and I don’t much care if she lip-synced, but apparently a lot of people do. Amid Beyonce-bashing, several articles rebutted the claim, while others said Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, AND the choir performed to a pre-recorded track, in addition to singing live. The reason I think people care so much is because if Beyonce lip-synced, she’ll have been the first person ever in the history of the world to have done so. Wait, that’s right, Yo-Yo Ma didn’t play live at the 2009 Inauguration; I don’t even need to mention Ashlee Simpson. Beyonce’s camp hasn’t responded publicly, and I think it’s because she’s too busy hanging out with her close personal friends, the Obamas, and swimming in her champagne-filled pool. (Probably.)

Brother vs. brother

As Tim mentioned in a previous post, Super Bowl XLVII will pit Jim Harbaugh (San Francisco 49ers coach) against his brother, John Harbaugh (Baltimore Ravens coach). Probably makes for a pretty awkward family dinner, no? Nevertheless, Jack and Jackie Harbaugh (actually their names), John and Jim’s parents, have said they will stay neutral. Mom Jackie even said she’d really love if it were possible to have a tie, while their sister, Joani Crean, joked that she’ll probably wear black while watching the game to avoid any bias. Regardless of the winner, having two family members coach at the Super Bowl is kind of awesome in itself. P.S. Remember when I wrote about holidays I’d like to have, and one included a day to recoup after the Super Bowl? Apparently, there’s a petition going around for the White House to declare the Monday after the big game a national holiday.

Mad Men mania

"Mad Men" has an official premiere date of April 7 (mark your calendars, y’all) AND new teaser photos for its upcoming sixth season have been released. After last season’s finale, I’m stoked for it to come back, especially because "Mad Men" is one of my only sophisticated television choices. What I wish would happen in season six: Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) and Peggy Olson (Elizabeth Moss) take over the company in an awesome "Thelma & Louise" tribute because we all know they are the smartest ones there. Don Draper (John Hamm), Roger Sterling (John Slattery), Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser), and Bertram Cooper (Robert Morse) accidentally drink too much and get lost in Vegas like a 1960s-inspired "The Hangover." Betty Francis (January Jones), Megan Draper (Jessica Pare) and Sally Draper (Kiernan Shipka) start a We-Hate-Don club, complete with buttons. What will actually happen: lots of good-looking people drinking and smoking.

It’s Super Bowl week on our blog (and extending through the weekend till the following Monday — it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t talk about the game after it actually happened!), so be sure to come back and see posts about everything from the Puppy Bowl to sports superstitions. Happy Friday, everyone!

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