Crazy sports superstitions athletes follow

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Sports superstitions

With game day just around the corner, we’ve been wondering what types of superstitions sports aficionados participate in. Our team talked briefly about it last week, and one of us admitted that we had to watch one game from the corner of our bed, because if we moved, our team would lose. (I won’t name names…)

My uncle has a particular pair of socks that he needs to wear whenever he wants his team, the Rams, to win, while my dad has to shut off the game if his team (Patriots) is losing so they can turn it around.

And even athletes themselves have superstitious traditions. Before each game, tennis player Serena Williams has to tie her shoes in a very specific way, then bounce the ball five times before her first serve, twice before her second. She also wears the same socks during a tournament run. Tiger Woods always wears red during his final rounds. Colorado Rockie Jason Giambi was known for wearing a golden thong when his game performance hit a slump.

Here are a few other quirky sports-related superstitions:

Sports shorts: Men’s Fitness called Dallas Maverick Jason Terry "easily the most superstitious" NBA player. He has a laundry list of quirks, like eating chicken before games and wearing five pairs of socks while playing. But arguably the strangest is his need to go to bed the night before a game wearing shorts of the next day’s opposing team. It means he sometimes has to scramble to find the right pair, but thankfully, equipment managers and other players often give him a hand.

Slap happy: John Henderson, former defensive tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars, is a big dude. He has to be because he spent his days barreling into other big dudes while trying to catch a football (or something like that). So I’m not quite sure how he convinced his assistant team trainer Joe Sheehan to slap him in the face before each game, but he did. And now that’s part of his routine. Check it out:

Small talk: If you've ever tried to plead with your car when your tank is on empty to just get you to the gas station, then you have something in common with retired hockey player Patrick Roy, who also enjoyed talking to inanimate objects. Before each game, he liked to chat with the goal post. He once called the goal post his "friend."

Cookie monster: Finally, a sports superstition I can get on board with. Chicago Bears player Brian Urlacher has to eat two chocolate chip cookies before every game. I like to eat two chocolate chip cookies whenever possible, so I totally get this one.

What superstitions do you follow? Are they related to the Super Bowl, or something else entirely? I don’t have any superstitions, I don’t think, although I refuse to wake up before 7 a.m. That has more to do with being lazy, but if I call it a superstition people might judge me less.