Five best Super Bowl party foods (and recipes to cook them)

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Sure, for some people, the Super Bowl is all about the playoffs beforehand, the anticipation leading up to the big game, the hype surrounding who will win, that moment when a player from the winning team is all like, "I’m going to Disney World!"

But for plenty of people it’s all about the food. Super Bowl parties arguably have the best snacks because there’s no pressure to cook a gourmet meal that’ll impress that aunt you never liked. Most game day parties are all about friends, drinking, and bar food. And who doesn't like that?

Here are my picks for top 5 Super Bowl party foods — and because I want to put my Pinterest obsession to good use, I’ll even include a recipe or two.

Chips and salsa

Chips and dip

Nachos, guacamole, salsa, hummus… I feel like there are so many options for chips and dip that you really can’t go wrong. It’s not like you even have to make the chips or the dip yourself; there’s nothing wrong with buying a bag or two of chips and some pre-made dip.

Chips are pretty much universally loved, and they’re great to munch on mindlessly while you’re deciding what you’re actually going to eat. Duh. For a healthier option, you can always sub the chips with a great vegetable platter.

Indulge with: Spicy Queso Dip

Guilt-free option: Individual Seven-Layer Dip; Guacamole

Chips and salsa


If the question is pizza, the answer is always yes, and if there is a question, the answer is probably pizza.

Mostly everyone loves it, and you can top it pretty much any way you'd like. Making it is easy, and buying it is even easier. You can go the traditional pizza pie route or do pizza bagels or pizza English muffins or whatever you like. There is probably no wrong way to make, prepare, or order a pizza, unless it has anchovies on it.

Indulge with: Sausage, Pepperoni, Mushroom Pizza; Cherry Tomato Pizza Margherita

Guilt-free option: Zucchini Pizza Boats; Tomato Pizza Bites; Cauliflower Pizza Crust. I like pizza, OK?

Buffalo wings

Chicken Wings

If you've ever tried to order last-minute wings for your Super Bowl party, chances are every place you've called has been sold out. That's because getting chicken wings for your Super Bowl party is basically a must.

Buffalo wings are probably the most common, but other types, like barbecue or garlic Parmesan, most likely won't be passed up. I'm not talented enough to make my own wings, but some people go that route, too. And you may have to if you forgot to pre-order some. Whoops.

Indulge with: Crunchy Buffalo Wings

Guilt-free option: No-Carb Buffalo Wings

Pigs in a blanket

Pigs in a blanket

Pigs in a blanket are probably the easiest appetizer food to make ever, which is why I always volunteer to bring it to parties, because I basically am the worst at cooking. You literally can buy small cocktail weenies at the supermarket, and some type of puff pastry.

Wrap the hotdogs with the pastry, pop them in the oven for 15 minutes or so, and you're done. I don't know what it is about miniature foods, but everyone loves them, and you can make these 30 minutes before you leave for a party and be totally fine.

Indulge with: Martha Stewart's Pigs in a Blanket

Guilt-free option: Vegan Pigs in a Blanket



Going back to the mini-foods thing, tiny burgers AKA sliders went mainstream a while ago, but people still love them. You can easily make some yourself; they even sell tiny buns to go with it.

I've seen recipes for everything from quinoa sliders (what?) to BLT sliders to chicken sliders to traditional hamburger sliders. Be creative and go crazy or order them from someplace nearby. It's hard to find a restaurant that sells American food that doesn't have sliders as an option.

Indulge with: Pulled Pork Sliders; Swiss Mushroom Burger Sliders

Guilt-free option: Portobello Mushroom Sliders

Make/serve even just one of these items and your friends will probably be happy. Serve them all and be labeled Best Friend EVER.

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