Ravens vs. 49ers: Silly ways to choose which Super Bowl team to root for

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You may already have a favorite picked for the Super Bowl, perhaps because your team has made it in, or you love the coach, or you hate the opposing team.

If you’re anything like me — the kind of person who watches the Super Bowl but is pretty indifferent to what team wins — here are some silly ways to choose who to root for.

Jersey colors

The color of each team's jersey is important because for most of the game, all you're going to see is these colored blobs running back and forth. They might as well be pretty colored blobs. This year, the 49ers are in the game, and they have a red/gold combination. It’s fine, I guess, but the Ravens have PURPLE. If I were choosing this year’s team based on colors, Ravens would totally have my vote.

Favorite logo

Maybe you’re into typography, or maybe you’re into cute animals, or maybe you’re into pointy-faced dudes wearing things (like a flag helmet or some kind of antlers). Whatever the case, you can choose who to root for by picking your favorite logo. I appreciate great typography, but none of the NFL logos scream “created by an awesome graphic designer” to me, so I’m more likely to go with either a logo that tells me something about the team or that I straight up find cute. So the Dallas Cowboys with their star and the Green Bay Packers with their big G wouldn’t win any brownie points from me because their logos tell me nothing; however, the Carolina Panthers (look at that kitty trying to be all mean!), the Miami Dolphins (it’s a DOLPHIN wearing a HELMET, I mean come on) and the Cleveland Browns (it’s a bulldog, guys!) have adorable logos, so they’d be more likely to get my vote.

Best name

Names are a totally different story than logos. I would not root for a team called the Browns just by hearing the name alone, because what? Am I rooting for the color or…? I’d probably go for a funny or epic sounding team name, like the Giants (I’m legit imagining giants stomping around a football field) or the Cowboys (and they play football riding horses).

Whacky predictions

An interesting tradition has emerged where people use strange methods to predict the Super Bowl winner, sort of like relying on a groundhog to predict our winter weather. According to Time, there’s a food blogger named Chef John who predicts the winner by eating chicken wings and then dropping the bones onto his plate and analyzing the shapes/letters they've made. This year, he saw an S and an F so obviously he’s going 49ers. Siabu the Orangutan agrees with John; he was given two blankets, one with the Ravens color scheme and one with the 49ers, and he pulled out the Niners-themed blanket. Princess the Clairvoyant Camel, however, is all about the Ravens, after the very scientific Graham Cracker Test.

Following (or not following) the crowd

If any of the above ways to choose a team to root for are too embarrassing, just go with whichever team the person you want to impress is rooting for and you probably can’t go wrong. Or, if you’re like my cousin, root for the team literally no one wants to win, just to annoy people. Whatever floats your boat.

So I know who I’m rooting for, but do you? If all else fails when it comes to choosing a team, you can always switch to the Puppy Bowl, where you root for everyone.

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