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What people are talking about this week: Super Bowl edition! People are buzzing about yesterday’s Super Bowl press conference, commercial previews, and NFL players who appreciate Beyonce. (Warning: two out of three of the following involve Beyonce. I’m not sure, but I promise next week none will involve Beyonce. Unless she pops out a baby or announces a tour on the moon or something.)

Super Bowl press conference

So, remember how last week everyone was in a tizzy over how Beyonce supposedly lip-synced the national anthem? She didn’t comment on it then, but at the Super Bowl press conference yesterday, the question inevitably came up. She explained that she used a backing track because of the weather, delay, lack of sound check, and overall not feeling comfortable going live. And then she launched into an a cappella performance of "The Star Spangled Banner." I feel like Anderson Cooper had it right when he said it’s Beyonce’s world and we’re just living in it. P.S. she says she’ll "absolutely" sing live at the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl commercials

For me, part of watching the game is about seeing the commercials. I kind of liked when companies guarded their commercials with their life, and I didn’t blame them because it costs all but your first born child to get a spot during the Super Bowl. However, several companies have released teasers and some even went ahead and made the entire commercial available. I don’t want to watch them until Sunday, but I did take a peek at the Taco Bell commercial called "Grandpa Goes Wild" because it looked cute. See it for yourself at left or check out a full list here.

NFL players love Bey

Who says football players can’t enjoy some Beyonce/Destiny’s Child jams? No one, that’s who, and if you do, you’ll probably make big dudes who tackle people for a living pretty annoyed. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these NFL players gushing over Beyonce, like Eric Berry calling her the "the female Michael Jackson." Some share their favorite songs, some talk about awesome she is, and some even sing. (And Daryl Washington is pretty good!) I could seriously watch this video all day.

(Bonus) We Went to There

Last night, "30 Rock" fans said goodbye to the show that’s been on for seven years. I’m one of those people who gets really emotionally invested in shows, so I’m legitimately sad it’s over. The show said goodbye in it’s own highly specific, weird, meta way, and I’ll miss it. Fair warning that the clip at left will not make sense to anyone but those who've watched the show. And since "30 Rock" had a running joke last night about saying goodbye, I leave you with this: