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This week, we’re completely obsessed with Corgis, the return of an NBC cult-favorite, and that third member of Destiny’s Child!


Corgis are definitely among the cutest dog breeds in existence. I mean, those stubby little legs are enough to melt the hearts of anyone. Couple that with how furry and happy they are and you can see why Corgis have been the dog of choice for Queen Elizabeth II. Don’t even get me started about Corgi hybrids — their cuteness is lethal! It's enough to make even the least suspecting individuals end up with a house full of the adorable dogs. The cutest Corgi name generator surfaced on Tuesday to promote a Corgi rescue site. What’s yours? (Click here for a larger view.) I’m Miss Stumpy Fluffybutt, which I am surprisingly okay with.

Community’s Comeback

There were plenty of rumors that NBC’s comedy "Community" would get canceled once its creator, Dan Harmon, was canned and the show was delayed indefinitely. Fans got right to work trying to make NBC regret even thinking of nixing the show. They started campaigns to save the show, including getting the Twitter hashtag #SixSeasonsAndAMovie trending, and even the cast members, like Donald Glover, Alison Brie, and Joel McHale got in on it. Last night, the show finally came back. NBC execs may still want to cancel the show, but they’ll have a hoard of scary fans to deal with if they do.

Michelle Williams

Following the Destiny’s Child reunion at the Super Bowl, jokes about Michelle Williams were everywhere. Some talked about how it seemed like Michelle’s microphone was significantly lower than the rest of the group’s members (though others argued that both Kelly and Michelle’s mics were lower than Beyonce’s). A blog called “Poor Michelle” was created, documenting all those times Michelle was (allegedly) given the short end of the stick. But Michelle, who will be starring in Fela! soon, didn’t let the haters get her down and said she had a great time and the experience was "beautiful."

For those of you in the Northeast U.S., stay safe in the upcoming storm! For the rest of you, try not to brag too much about your fancy warm(er) weather.