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I wasn’t sure we could top Banana Joe’s cuteness last week, but ladies and gentlemen, it has been done, in the form of sea animal. Also, something cool happened on my favorite show and Google will probably take over the world in a year or two.

Sea otter, basketball star

I’m not going to tell you too much about this magnificent creature, but here's what you can know before going into the video: it's about a sea otter, his name is Eddie. He's really old, he lives at the Oregon Zoo, and he's better at basketball than I am. Now I will let you experience the joy of Eddie's athletic finesse on your own as you watch the video.

Leslie and Ben get married

I'm biased, but whatever. If you watch "Parks and Recreation," you’re probably super stoked because Leslie Knope just married the love of her life, Ben Wyatt, and they are perfect. (Here is a compilation of reasons why.) If you don’t watch the show, leave now, catch up, and then watch last night’s episode. Go!

Google Glass

Google has cars that drive themselves, they provide us with images of the world, and now there's talk of Google Glass(es)! They’re the smartest glasses you’ll ever see, or wear, because you can talk to it and make it do things, like take a video or give you information. Feels like the future, guys.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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