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There is a lot happening this week, so let's get right to it.


Average prices at for concert onsales*

Rush $281 »Buy Tickets
Jay-Z/Timberlake $403 »Buy Tickets
Bruno Mars $436 »Buy Tickets
Soundgarden $196 »Buy Tickets
  • Rush has ten more shows for the Clockwork Angels Tour on sale today.
  • As we reported last week, the much anticipated Justin Timberlake/Jay-Z headliner has been announced. Most of the onsales for this tour are on Thursday. Yes, Thursday (it's an unusual day for a major concert onsale).
  • Initial onsales for Bruno Mars' new Moonshine Jungle Tour are this Friday.
  • Most of Soundgarden's 2013 tour goes on sale this Saturday.


Average prices at for sports onsales*

Cleveland Indians $99 »Buy Tickets
Atlanta Braves $72 »Buy Tickets
New York Mets $92 »Buy Tickets
Cincinnati Reds $61 »Buy Tickets
CONCACAF Gold Cup $128 »Buy Tickets
  • The Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, and New York Mets have onsales for home games today.
  • Meanwhile, the Cincinnati Reds have onsales on Saturday.
  • The CONCACAF Gold Cup is on July 7 in Pasadena, CA. Tickets for the game go on sale tomorrow.


Average prices at for theater onsales*

American Idiot $165 »Buy Tickets
Billy Elliot $170 »Buy Tickets
Sister Act $156 »Buy Tickets
Priscilla Queen of the Desert $150 »Buy Tickets
  • There are onsales on Friday for productions of American Idiot, Billy Elliot, and Sister Act in San Diego.
  • The Orlando, FL, production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert has shows on sale this Friday.

*Average prices are as of 02/25/2013 12:30 PM EST. Prices are not set by and may fluctuate based on market demand. Average prices for concerts and theater shows are for the entire tour/residency. Average prices for baseball teams are for all home games.