Baby plays musical instruments in one-man band video

Baby plays musical instruments in one-man band video

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As a follow-up to yesterday's post about one-person theater shows, this video of a one-person band is pretty impressive.


Meet 9-month-old baby Rex, who is in the first-ever (probably) one baby band. His dad writes, "[O]ne morning my little (9 month old) guy was looking for some fun, so we set up the camera and let him get his hands on some different equipment. He loves making sounds, and even smiles when he watches the video. I planned this as a series, and we're already coming up with some ideas for PART 2, stay tuned!"

For now, here's Rex, who officially plays more instruments than I do. (I can play a mean hot cross buns on the recorder, though!)

Man, I never get tired of cute videos on the internet.

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