The most influential guitarists of 2012

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You may remember that last month I posted the first article in our "Most influential of 2012" series. I asked people who write about drumming who they thought was the most influential drummer of 2012.

This time the series focuses on guitarists. Whole lists have been published on this subject, with Rolling Stones' "100 Greatest Guitarists" article perhaps the best known. So we know who the best and most influential guitarists of all time are, but who brought something new to the art in 2012 specifically? That is the question I asked a number of bloggers, and I received a couple great responses.

The first to get back to me was Josh Evitt, a guitar player from Nashville, TN, who writes at Guitar Lifestyle. Evitt told me about a blues-rocker whose impact was really felt last year.

I think it's really hard to argue that Joe Bonamassa hasn't had a big impact on blues-rock music, especially over the past few years and he really seemed to blow up in those circles in 2012. Although there are some other guitarists that I think put out great music (Warren Haynes, Jimmy Herring, Derek Trucks), I don't think any of them had the impact Bonamassa did.

I also received a response from Bertram Dhellemmes, a guitarist from France who also writes about the instruments themselves at Guitarz. He told me his choice has the potential to be influential very soon, if all goes well.

The most influential guitarist of 2012 didn't have a influence yet, but it's coming - I hope. I think that Reeves Gabrels joining the Cure is quite an event, and if they do record together, there should be an astonishing change in the Cure's music, and I expect a lot from such a conjunction of talents. What Gabrels did for Bowie's sound in the 1990s was incredible, if he manages to do the same with Robert Smith, that should be something. And since there is a whole new generation of young musicians that seems to be influenced (again) by the music of the 1980s and its legacy, they will listen...

This time we also took the question to social media. We got several answers on our Facebook page, including jazz guitarist Marcus Miller and Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold

Thanks to Evitt, Dehellemmes, and everyone on Facebook who responded!