Top 5 reasons we love Psych

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"Psych" fans like me have been waiting what feels like forever for the show to return. It left us almost a whole year ago and we’ve been waiting for new episodes since. The wait was long and painstaking and it felt like a pop culture hole was missing in our hearts. And honestly? We missed the hijinx of fake-psychic-detective Shawn and his sidekick, Gus. Here are some of the reasons why we were so excited for the show’s seventh season premiere last night.

The silliness

The show's premise is a little silly, but "Psych" tries to show viewers the showrunners don't take themselves too seriously with funny things like Shawn’s never-ending list of nicknames for Gus. Some of my favorites: Galileo Humpkins, Ovaltine Jenkins, Chocolate Columbo, and Felicia Fancybottom.

The pop culture references

If you’re a fan of pop culture references at all then watch "Psych." They mention everything from movies to TV shows to bands. They also tend to get some awesome guest stars, too, like William Shatner as Detective O'Hara's father, or Phylicia Rashad as Gus' mom.

The theme episodes

Thus far, the show has paid homage to shows and movies like "Twin Peaks," "The Shining," "The Bachelorette," "Indiana Jones," and "The Hangover," This season, there will be a two-hour musical extravaganza episode AKA everything you never knew you wanted but now can't live without.

The obscurity

Okay, "Psych" is out there. Like, it’s pretty weird. Shawn is obsessed with the ‘80s. Gus works at a pharmaceutical company but is never, ever there. They really, really love food (see video). And what’s up with the pineapples in every episode? Who knows? Who cares?

Shawn and Gus

They've been friends since they were kids, the small actors that play them in the flashbacks are adorable (if ever-changing), they have random catch phrases ("wait for iiiit," "you know that's right,") and they’ve been put in life-threatening situations several times together. If that doesn't build a friendship, I'm not sure what does.


What did you guys think of the premiere? And what are your favorite "Psych" moment(s)?