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This week we’re impressed with some superhuman basketball skills, moms dancing, and singing goats. Things keep getting weirder.

Stephen Curry

NBA player Stephen Curry, of the Golden State Warriors, scored a whopping 54 points against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden this week. According to Mercury News, Curry joined "an elite group" of players who have scored 50 or more points at Madison Square Garden. What's even more impressive is that the night before this performance he put up 38 points against the Indiana Pacers. I’m lucky if I can make one basket, and that’s at Chuck E. Cheese, so I’m majorly impressed.

Evolution of Mom Dance

Jimmy Fallon is known on late-night television for his silly skits, his ability to secure big-name guests, and breaking into the giggles. This video features a little bit of all of those things. First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by the show to demonstrate the dance moves of moms through time, with Jimmy as — what else? — a mom in a tacky outfit. They tackle difficult dance moves like the "Single Ladies" hand motion (thanks, Beyonce!) and the "Go Shopping, Get Groceries" move.

Singing Goats

This is definitely among the weirder things that have emerged from the depths of the internet, and yet, I can’t stop laughing. A video of goats yelping like humans surfaced recently and, as with all things on the internet, someone immediately decided to take it to the next level. The goat screams have now been paried with current radio hits, like Taylor Swift’s "I Knew You Were Trouble" and Fun.’s "Some Nights." You can find a whole collection of these videos by searching YouTube for "goat edition songs." I don’t know why this is so funny to me, but it is.


Have a great weekend, all.