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A little under two years ago I wrote a post discussing five bands that should reunite and go on tour again. Well, with plenty of rumors in the air about acts that might reunite and go on tour in the next year or two, I thought it was time to consider a few more bands that should get back to the stage.

'N Sync

Why They Should Do It: Rather than tell you, I'll show you:

Blog visits since by pageviews since 4/1/2012

This graph represents the percentage of pageviews generated by our biggest blog posts since we pulled that trick last April Fools Day about 'N Sync returning. As you can see, that post is the most visited one out of any other. It's quite clear that fans are still running high on hopes of their return, so why not give it a go?

Why It Could Happen But Probably Won't: New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, Boyz II Men, Destiny's Child (briefly). Need I say more? Although there isn't any chatter from 'N Sync land on a possible reunion, now is definitely the time to do it if they want to get in on the action while people are still receptive to the idea. However, any tour may have to be without Justin Timberlake, who has taken great pains over the last decade to get away from that type of music. That alone could sink the idea, given his relative success compared to everybody else who was in the band.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

Why They Should Do It: This is more of a duo than a band, but Jeff Townes and Will Smith? Do I even need to ask? These guys were on a one-way ticket to greatness until Smith got the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" gig.

Why It Might Happen: The duo may not be touring together but they're still working together. Townes has been a producer/writer or co-contributor for three out of four of Smith's solo albums. If Smith can ever get a break from filming blockbusters, a tour under the DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince moniker could be quite popular.


Why They Should Do It: I know I'm probably stepping into controversial waters here, since Kurt Cobain's death is still very much in many people's minds. However, I think fans would welcome a reunion, even if only for a brief stint. Cobain's birthday just passed at the end of last month, but maybe they could do something small in his honor when a future birthday comes up.

Why It Probably Won't Happen: Nirvana ended immediately after Cobain died, and it's pretty much an unsaid consensus that it's not coming back. Also, Dave Grohl is pretty busy with the next Foo Fighters album, not to mention the band's own touring activity. Like Queen from the last list, this may be one chapter that is closed forever.

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Why They Should Do It: Who doesn't like "Proud Mary?" Or their version of "Susie Q?" In their short time together, they were one of the biggest bands in the world and their music is still hugely popular. The band's 50th anniversary is coming in in a few years, so they could capitalize on that. All three surviving members will be pushing 72 at the time, but I daresay The Rolling Stones will still be performing at that age, so why not CCR?

Why It Probably Won't Happen: Bitterness and distrust in the ranks. The post-breakup history of CCR has been one of litigation and animosity. For years John Fogerty refused to play CCR songs on his solo tours. However, in recent years his stance toward the band has softened; he started including CCR songs on his setlists, and a couple years ago he even opened up to the possibility of touring again. However, fellow bandmates Stu Cook and Doug Clifford have squashed the idea, saying that it's too late to do anything now.

Bonus: Led Zeppelin

Okay, I'm kind of cheating here, since I had them on the list last time, but there's a reason to include them again...

Why It Might Happen: Remember how last time I made note of Robert Plant's insistence that a tour would never happen? Well, forget that because he says he's available in 2014. And Jason Bonham doesn't seem to be opposed. Alright, so that's not solid proof that a full tour will happen, but it is the best evidence we've had in a long time.

Which bands would you like to see reunite for a tour?