Countdown to spring: Seven awesome things about spring

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Despite the light blanket of snow left on our lawns in Connecticut early this morning, spring is coming. It’s almost here. I can feel it! Yesterday, in my rush to get to my car after work, I didn’t put on a coat, and I didn’t immediately turn into an icicle. Progress.

We are so excited about spring that we’re literally counting down the days. Let it be known that in exactly one week — that’s seven days, counting today — it will be spring. And we will wear our spring clothes, even if that means we get frostbite.

To kick off our countdown to spring, let’s talk about the best parts of the season! Drumroll, please…

Warm weather

The one’s pretty obvious in that it’s probably the biggest selling point of the season. Spring means we’ve finally crawled out of that dark, depressing, hole that is winter. No more slogging through several feet of snow, yay! Warm weather means you can actually open your windows in your house and venture outside for more reasons than to just get the mail. Not having to step out of my house wearing 10 layers of clothes is also a plus.

No shoveling

If I have to dig my car out of several feet of snow one more time this season, I might scream. There is nothing worse than running late in the morning and rushing out to your car only to realize not only are the windows frosted and the entire car is covered in snow, but your door is frozen shut. So you have to figure out a way to juggle the five bags you’re carrying, while also tugging on the door just to get that open in order to get your ice scraper. All this before you can even begin to think about getting into your car and driving to work. Not that this has happened to me. (It has.) I get it, we live in New England, so we knew what we were getting into, but somehow, when I’m waist-deep in snow, that doesn’t make me feel any better.

New clothes

Winter clothes are cute, but spring allows you to bust out your warm weather clothes and it’s magically like you have a whole new wardrobe. I won’t dwell on this reason too much, since this is probably only a perk for me, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Longer days

How depressing is it to wake up when it’s dark out and get home when it’s dark, too? And then to sit in a windowless office (as I do)? For all you know, the sun never even bothered to come out that day. As we get closer to spring, the sun is staying out for longer, so I get to enjoy it a little when I get home, even if "enjoying" it just I look out the window and say, "Hey, it's still light out!" It's the little things, you know?

Cadbury Eggs

Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, you’ve got to rejoice a little over the fact that Cadbury Eggs are a thing that happens every spring, like clockwork. They are egg-shaped pieces of heaven.

Going outside

Hey, remember that white wasteland that made us think we were living in Antarctica? It’s gone! And now there’s flowers and grass and trees and plants. Or at least there will be. It’s coming, and it’s exciting, and I don’t even care that it means I have to walk through mud to get there. And I will get my dog to enjoy going outside this season. Just you wait.

My birthday

Okay, fine, this one only pertains to me, but it's definitely on my list of awesome things about spring. My birthday is in May so obviously I’m a spring fanatic! I’m not self-centered, I just like gifts, okay?


Over the next week, we’ll talk about a bunch of things related to the upcoming season. For now, what do you consider the best part of spring?

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Mike said...

Progressively lower electricity bills. One of the best things when you're on electric heat!

March 14, 2013 at 2:57 PM