Countdown to spring: Top theater pick for the season

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As part of our countdown to spring, Mike, Tim, and I will be sharing the events in concerts, sports, and theater that we’re most looking forward to this season. Let’s kick it off with theater.

About Matilda

The show: Matilda the Musical
Where it’s playing: Shubert Theatre, New York, NY
Opening Date: April 11, 2013
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There are a lot of Broadway shows I’m excited about, mostly because my general outlook on life is "excited." But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had a soft spot for Matilda the Musical.

I may be an adult, but there are just some ways in which I refuse to grow up. My unabashed love for things I adored in my childhood is one of them. I really loved "Matilda" the movie as a kid. It had everything going for it, including magical powers (which I was convinced I would someday discover I also had), the act of overcoming a hardship, and a happy ending.

Though I can’t say I had mean parents or anything (I didn’t), I could relate to Matilda because she loved school and reading and so did I. I also admired how brave she was. Fine, so, maybe her walking to the library when she was five was excessive, but she could make pancakes! That made me want to be as self-sufficient as she was. Also, if I could make my own pancakes, I could eat them for dinner instead of vegetables. Obviously.

Plus, Matilda was hilarious! Glue on her dad’s hat? Pretending to haunt a classroom? This was comedy gold when I was a kid watching the film (over and over and over and over).

The point is: Matilda the Musical brings a story I loved to the stage. It had an enormously successful run at London’s West End, winning a record-breaking seven Olivier Awards (including Best Musical). As adorable as the little British kids dancing in uniforms are, the show also looks a little creepy (Miss Trunchbull is scary, and also played by a dude), so I think it’ll be great. Check out the preview below.