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This week we loved a day dedicated to desserts (duh), a movie about a young Nancy Drew-esque character, and an unofficial holiday that should totally become an official holiday.

Pi(e) Day

Yesterday was 3/14… AKA the first three digits of pi. Around the world, that’s celebrated as Pi Day! (See the video at left for a pretty cool tribute to Pi Day using dominoes.) You probably haven’t thought about pi (or “π”) since high school math class when you learned that pi is the the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — and then promptly forgot it. No matter, Pi Day is an excuse to eat delicious pie! There’s even a website dedicated exclusively to Pi Day, so avid fans can buy merchandise and try to memorize the number that’s been calculated to more than one trillion digits beyond its decimal point. For me, I’ll pass, but I will take a slice of apple pie. Yum.

Veronica Mars

On Wednesday, Kristen Bell ("House of Lies" cast member and avid sloth enthusiast) announced that a "Veronica Mars" movie would happen, if fans helped her fund it. So she and the show’s creator, Rob Thomas (not that guy who sings in Matchbox 20), launched a Kickstarter to see if they could get fans on board. The goal was to reach $2 million in 30 days. Instead, the Kickstarter reached its goal in one day… no big deal or anything. (It’s actually now sitting at more than $3 million, with almost 50,000 supporters.) I’ve never seen "Veronica Mars," but I still think this is crazy cool, and it’s caused people to wonder if this could inspire a new perspective on Hollywood movies and television shows, especially those that end too soon. I hope so, because we can only take so many "Transformers" movies and "CSI" shows.

Saint Patrick’s Day

Some people celebrate Saint Patrick's Day by wearing green, and some celebrate it by breaking into a flash mob and riverdancing (see video at left). There's no real wrong way to celebrate the holiday, so long as you're celebrating! Saint Patrick’s Day has sort of evolved from its origins and now it’s all about celebrating Irish culture and being Irish… so long as your idea of "Irish culture" includes things like green beer and shamrocks and parades and pinching people who don’t wear green. Although it's not officially a holiday, in the U.S., Saint Patrick’s Day is widely celebrated by everyone — I mean, who can resist a day to eat, drink, and be merry?


Have a great weekend everyone!