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Spring poppies

Although what constitutes spring varies depending on local climate and location in the world, in New England, it’s hard not to be super psyched about the beautiful weather that will become part of our daily life. (That is, if all goes well.)

Longer days, leisurely strolls outside, a sunny day with a light breeze — I want it all. Mostly, I just want to say goodbye to winter and tell it never to come back again. (Of course, talk to me next Christmas when I'm sad there's no snow.) Here are 50 (yep, 50) things we can finally do once spring rolls around.

1. Fly a kite

2. Watch "Game of Thrones" (which is back March 31, finally)

3. Ride a bike

4. Sleep with the windows open

5. Drive with the top down

6. Fill a vase with flowers

7. Go on a vacation to somewhere cold and not be miserable

8. Refuse to wear a coat

9. Break out your spring clothes

10. …Or just go ahead and buy a whole new spring wardrobe

11. Put away your Uggs

12. Go to a drive-in movie (if you can find one)

13. Go to bed knowing that when you wake up, you car won’t be covered in three feet of snow

14. Pack away your scarves/mittens

15. Garden

16. …Or plant some seeds and forget about them

17. Walk outside instead of on a treadmill at the gym

18. Jump in puddles

19. Jump in mud

20. …Get new shoes after jumping in aforementioned mud

21. Turn off the heat (and save some money!)

22. Play baseball/softball

23. Or go to a baseball game

24. Go to the beach (but not in the water)

25. Grab an iced coffee

26. …Followed by some ice cream

27. Hike without snowshoes

28. Run in a marathon (maybe train first?)

29. Walk in a marathon (more realistic)

30. Plan a picnic

31. Invest in some rain boots, an umbrella, and a raincoat

32. Instagram it

33. Read a book outside (but charge your e-book reader first)

34. Visit a winery

35. …Or two or three or four

36. Check out a zoo

37. Dine outdoors

38. Shop at a flea market

39. Try a food truck

40. Eat pastel-colored candy

41. Paint eggs

42. Volunteer

43. …To finish the Easter candy before it goes bad

44. Buy Peeps

45. …To blow up in the microwave

46. Stop at a farmer’s market

47. Bring a plant to work to brighten your desk

48. …But be understanding when it inevitably dies under the florescent lights (no substitute for the sun)

49. Play fetch with your dog

50. Go outside!


Whatever you decide to do, once March 20 hits, there’s no excuse not to celebrate that it’s spring — you made it through another dark winter! Treat yo’self!