Top three supervillains who deserve a movie

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Over the last few years, there’s been a resurgence of superheroes, though not in comic book form but instead in movies. Everyone from Wolverine and Spider-Man to Captain America and Thor have gotten their own films — some better than others, and then that Green Lantern movie that we don’t discuss.

It doesn’t look like the superhero craze will die down any time soon, so it’s no wonder that comic book legends have also made their way to the theater stage. On Broadway, there’s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, which got off to a rocky start but is now consistently among the top-selling tickets for Broadway shows. Starting today, It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's Superman!, a play featuring the Man of Steel, premieres at New York City Center.

But what about the villains? I can’t say I’m a comic book reader (I’m not) but I’m a total sucker for superhero movies, especially the kind that make me sympathize with the villain. (Think "Breaking Bad" and "Dexter.") So here are my picks for villains whose stories I’d totally pay to see in theaters, live and on the big screen.


If you’ve ever seen the "X-Men" movies (new or old), then you know a little bit about Mystique. For one, she’s blue with yellow eyes, and her powers are awesome. As a mutant, she can shape shift into literally anyone. Um, how handy is that? For most of her life she’s a supervillain, although she also spends some time working as a double agent and generally being one of the most amazing supervillains ever by just wrecking everyone’s lives. She’s crazy old, so she has a long, complex history, and I’m sure there’s some sort of touching back story there that could pull at your heartstrings.

Gigori Rasputin

Gigori Rasputin, from "Hellboy," is actually based on a real-life Russian man of the same name. His story as a villain starts with him being murdered. It doesn’t get more dramatic than that. He’s affiliated with the Nazis, so you'd completely hate his guts going into any movie or show about him, but then you'd find out he doesn’t even really care about the Nazis — he just wants to use them so he can trigger an apocalypse that would make him powerful. The historical element would be just enough to make this story seem almost real without getting boring. (Sorry, historical movies are really slow!)

The Joker/Harley Quinn

The Joker and Harley Quinn are both enemies of Batman. The Joker is so completely deranged that it’s hard to imagine a movie that tells his story and makes sense, since it seems he doesn’t know from minute to minute whether he wants to laugh maniacally or harm someone (or maybe a combination of both). He’s incredibly smart, with a twisted sense of humor and a face like a clown, which makes him extra creepy. Yet, somehow the Joker attracts his former therapist, Dr. Harleen Quinzelm. She actually falls so in love with him that she changes her name to Harley Quinn and becomes the Joker’s accomplice and sometimes-sidekick. And the entire time she wears a harlequin jester outfit… because the Joker’s face paint isn’t weird enough. Creepy but kind of touching.


Now that you’ve read through The Nerdiest Blog Post ever, which villains would you be interested in seeing in movies/on stage?

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Mike said...

I tried to give Lord Voldemort his own movie, but it'd be a long boring thing of him hiding out in Albania or in undisclosed locations around the UK.

March 21, 2013 at 5:58 PM