Major onsales this week: John Mayer, Phish, P!nk, The Eagles, Memphis
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With four artists and bands with a significant number of onsales, the end of the week will be plenty busy. Let's get right to it.


Average prices at for concert onsales*

John Mayer $293 »Buy Tickets
Phish $242 »Buy Tickets
P!nk $372 »Buy Tickets
The Eagles $446 »Buy Tickets
Everclear $151 »Buy Tickets
Pitbull & Kesha $289 »Buy Tickets
Barenaked Ladies $213 »Buy Tickets
  • John Mayer announced his new Born & Raised Tour last Thursday. Most of the concerts on the tour go on sale this Friday.
  • All the dates for Phish's summer tour go on sale Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
  • A second North American leg of P!nk's The Truth About Love Tour goes on sale Saturday.
  • The Eagles have tickets for their History of the Eagles Tour beginning on Thursday.
  • Everclear is joining up with Live, Filter, and Sponge for the Summerland Tour 2013. 17 concerts will go on sale this weekend.
  • Pitbull and Ke$ha are joining up for a summer tour. Initial onsales are Friday and Saturday.
  • Barenaked Ladies is joining with Ben Folds Five and Guster for a new edition of the Last Summer on Earth Tour. Six shows go on sale Friday and Saturday.


Average prices at for sports onsales*

Monster Jam $63 »Buy Tickets
  • There are several Monster Jam events on sale throughout the week.


Average prices at for theater onsales*

Memphis $206 »Buy Tickets
  • There are several onsales Friday for the Orlando, FL, production of Memphis.

*Average prices are as of 03/25/2013 11:30 AM EDT. Prices are not set by and may fluctuate based on market demand. Average prices for concerts and theater shows are for the entire tour/residency.

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