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Television and movies are important to us, as a society, which is why that's what everyone's talking about this week.

Ryan Gosling quits acting

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that yesterday's video about Ryan Gosling Staring at Things was up at HuffPo because of Gosling's recent announcement: he's breaking up with us. Well, actually, he's taking a break from acting, but this definitely feels like a break-up, and it is not mutual. What did I ever do to deserve this misery? I guess I'm not entirely surprised by this news, since he's said before he's tired of looking at his own face. He also recently made his directorial debut with the film "How To Catch A Monster." But I still get to be bummed. In the meantime, I guess I'll just keep watching videos of him staring (see the one at left for his impressive work in "Drive"). Dearest Ryan, come back to us soon. xoxo, The World.

Taylor Swift on New Girl

While many New Girl fans are still celebrating last week's episode (I won't spoil it, calm down), others are excited to hear that Taylor Swift will be guest starring on the season two finale, according to E! Online. It's not Taylor's first time acting, as she previously had a small (but funny) role in the movie "Valentine's Day." Apparently her role on New Girl will be as someone mean and evil, which is kind of a nice switch-up from her role as America's Sweetheart. I actually watch the show and I think it'll be cute.

The Voice

"The Voice" is back for a new season, sans Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo... but with Usher and Shakira. Not a bad trade-off, I think, especially considering the numbers show it debuted strong. I personally don't watch "The Voice" (or any singing competition shows) but I really, really wanted to mention this because Usher did the best promo ever with the cast of "Parks and Rec." They try to give advice to Usher for how he should turn his chair around while he's on "The Voice" and all of the suggestions are pretty funny, though I'm personally between Donna and Andy as favorites.


Okay, now that we've all satiated our needs to discuss TV and movies, let's go enjoy some of this nice weather. (Maybe.) Have a great weekend!