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Kid Scientist

Earlier this week, Beyonce and her 1-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, were spotted in Brooklyn. In case you were wondering, yes, Blue Ivy is as adorable as you’d imagine her to be. But she's also intelligent. Beyonce told Oprah that Blue Ivy was "very smart" and already reading flashcards.

With an R&B queen for a mom and a rap mogul for a dad, Blue Ivy will likely go on to do amazing things. Toss in the fact that she’s a 1-year-old that can read and she’ll probably take over the world. Is it weird to consider what a celebrity baby might someday grow up and do with her life? Probably. But oh well, here are some careers baby Blue Ivy might someday consider:

Rap/R&B Superstar

Obviously musical talent runs in the family, so she may want to dabble in the careers her mom and dad did. It’s not weird for kids to sometimes follow in their parents’ footsteps. If she’s lucky, her musical genius will come from both her mom and her dad, so not only would bring a room to tears with just her voice, but she could also rhyme circles around rappers in her generation. Like Kanye’s baby. Just kidding, they would totally collaborate, and then no one would ever be able to make music again because the pinnacle of music will have been reached.

Professional Stylist/Fashion Designer

Blue Ivy already has a wardrobe better than most. Her grandma, Tina Knowles, styled Destiny’s Child for years, while Beyonce and Jay-Z both have dabbled in fashion design. (Beyonce, her sister Solange, and Tina all ran House of Dereon, while Jay-Z produces Rocawear.) If she wanted to, Blue Ivy could totally be the next up-and-coming designer. Or at least hire a bunch of people to use her name to make pretty clothes.

Best-selling Author

She’s already got that whole reading thing down, and that’s a big part of being able to write (and do it well). Blue Ivy could someday pen the type of book that will move mountains (figuratively) and make grown men cry (literally). She’ll be better than all "the greats" combined — better than Hemingway and Austen and Bronte and Faulkner. Or maybe she’ll write the next "Harry Potter" series. Whatever, it’ll probably be great.


Because why not? Blue Ivy has access to great schools, and she’s smart, and maybe someday we’ll all have her to thank for being able to time travel. (She will obviously solve the paradox theory as well.)

President of the U.S.

Jay-Z and Beyonce have frequently taken political stands on social issues… but, more importantly, I’m pretty sure they are BFFs with the Obamas, so they’re way closer to being politically involved than most of us. Plus they have a lot of money, so, I think Blue Ivy meets most of the criteria on those facts alone. I just wonder if she’d feel obligated to ask her mom and dad to perform at her inauguration.

The Next Oprah

This is bigger than being the president of the U.S., because as we all know, Oprah is the unofficial ruler of the world. Since Oprah is a personal friend of the Knowles-Carter family, there’s plenty of time for Oprah to guide Blue Ivy to fill her shoes. Picture "The Karate Kid," but in the future. It can start out as an apprenticeship, where Blue Ivy learns just how Oprah harbors her power and uses it to influence the world by telling them which books to buy. Once Blue Ivy has perfected The Oprah Voice and The Oprah Strength, then she will become The Next Oprah. (That is what Oprah will make Blue Ivy call herself publicly. Nobody said this would be an easy transition or that Oprah pass on her torch quietly.)


Or maybe Blue Ivy will grow up and become an accountant. Anything is possible.