What's next for George St. Pierre and Nick Diaz?

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The following is a guest article by Trent.


Two weeks ago we saw the long awaited battle between George St. Pierre and Nick Diaz.  And now that the event is over, what is up next for these two fighters who are still very much in their prime?

George St. Pierre

George St. Pierre is, by most standards, is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world (sans Anderson Silva). After beating Nick Diaz so convincingly (albeit a little boringly), the logical next step is to take on the number 1 contender in the weight class, Johny Hendricks. Hendricks, the most explosive yet underrated fighter in the Welterweight division, has been waiting all too long for the title shot. By beating Carlos Condit in a unanimous decision, Hendricks has shown that he deserves the shot more than anyone. But aside from defending his title, most people will want to see a fight between George St. Pierre and Anderson "The Spider" Silva, before they both get too old. But getting the two to fight is going to be hard.

While George St. Pierre is 32, Anderson Silva will turn 38 next month. And in a sport that demands so much from the body, a 5-year age difference is a lifetime. Silva's next match is going to be on July 6, 2013, against Chris Weidman at UFC 162 for the UFC Middleweight Championship. So if a fight between the two is going to happen, it's going to happen in late 2013, at the earliest. And at 38, Anderson Silva may be reluctant to fight someone who is still very well in their prime, and very well one of the best fighters in the world. In addition, the two will have to meet in a mutually agreeable weight class; Anderson Silva is currently 185 pounds and George St. Pierre is currently 170 pounds. In my opinion, the fight probably won't happen unless Dana White gives the two some major monetary incentive.

Nick Diaz

What is next for Nick Diaz? Well after the fight Nick Diaz alluded to retirement. But that's not anything new as he has talked about retirement before. And given that he is a natural boxer and boxing pays much better than the UFC, it would be a smart move financially for him to do so. According to Celebrity Net Worth he is only worth $700,000 — and he is was the top contender for the UFC Welterweight title. Nick Diaz got paid $200,000 fighting BJ Penn at UFC 137 and probably not much more to fight George St. Pierre.

After UFC 158, Nick Diaz revealed that he has never paid taxes, despite earning $800,000 since 2011 (excluding the GSP fight). So boxing might be a good route to go if he wants to stay out of jail and not break the bank at the same time. Although Nick Diaz has talked about retiring before, it seems more probable now that he lost so convincingly. If he wants another title shot in the UFC, he's going to have to get to the back of the line, even in another weight class. In conclusion, I don't know what is going to happen to Nick Diaz. It could be starting at the bottom of the weight class. It could be boxing. It could be retirement from fighting altogether. Heck, it could even be jail. With Nick Diaz, you never know.

Trent is an MMA and fitness fanatic. He blogs at Fitz101, where he offers advice for people wanting to learn how to get fit and believes martial arts is a great vehicle to physical and mental fitness.