Five reasons to be excited for season six of Mad Men

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Tonight marks the season six premiere of AMC's "Mad Men", and I'll be watching because it's totally one of those shows where if I don't, I feel like everyone is judging me.

Thankfully, I got into the show last year and I actually like it, so my excitement for tonight's premiere is genuine — especially after watching the actors discuss where their characters left off in season five (video at right). Here are five reasons why I'm looking forward to tonight's premiere.

Mad Men spoilers for season 5 ahead.

1. The aftermath of Lane's death. Don was obviously having a difficult time following Lane's suicide, especially because he felt he had played a role in it. So he'll be dealing with that, and it will likely put a strain on his marriage with Megan (surprise). He'll probably turn back into his old, cheating self. More importantly, how will Joan cope? She and Lane had developed a friendship and I think perhaps she will feel the loss the most, especially now that she's a single mother.

2. Peggy is on her own; Joan is part of the company. Peggy and Joan are my two favorite characters on the show, so I'm always interested to see what will happen with them. I think others will be curious, too, especially now that Peggy has left Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and is head copywriter at Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough. Will she succeed? Fail? Decide it's not for her and go back to SCDP? Meanwhile, Joan is now part of the ad agency, something unheard of for women around that time. Will she make her voice heard, how much say will she have, and will it cause problems with the other company owners?

3. Pete may get punched in the face again. I won't hold my breath on this one, since Pete got punched in the face twice at the end of last season, but whatever, Pete is super annoying and if he got punched again, I'd be okay with it.

4. The fashion. "Mad Men" has always been revered for its fashion sense, particularly in its early seasons. New York Magazine frequently writes about it, while Banana Republic launched its own "Mad Men"-inspired clothing line. This season, the show will time jump to the late 60s/early 70s — and the fashion will be so bad it's good. Bell bottoms? Brown/mustard yellow/camo green color palettes? Strange hairstyles? Yes, yes, and yes, I can't wait to see.

5. Critics tell you you should be. Well, they do.


For a sneak peek of season six, check out the trailer below, although be warned: the video repeats the trailer three times for extra "Mad Men"-y goodness.