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This past week additional dates for The Rolling Stones' 50 and Counting Tour kept coming in. The new dates are mostly second or third shows in cities that were already announced. Notably, the stops in Anaheim, CA; Boston, MA; and Philadelphia, PA; will be back-to-back, while the Chicago, IL, stop will be a three-night run. Los Angeles, CA, is also getting another show, but later in May. The tour will kick off in LA on May 2, but the Stones won't be back there until May 20. Also keep in mind that, unlike some other tours, these additional shows are typically two to three days after the first one and not the next night, as is common.

Onsales this week
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Unsurprisingly, the city the most shows on the schedule, Chicago, is the U.S. city selling the best here on, with 22% of all orders. However, not every city with multiple shows is selling as well. In fact, two of the five top-selling cities have only a single concert. These are San Jose, CA, with 15% of orders, and Oakland, CA, with 13%. To further emphasize things, Los Angeles, which often does well in a situation where it has more than one show, is second from the bottom, with only 8%.

The top cities (as of this post) are as follows: Chicago (22%), Anaheim (16%), San Jose (15%), Oakland (13%), Philadelphia (12%), Boston (8%), Los Angeles (8%), Las Vegas (6%).

Meanwhile, Kid Rock has another big onsale this coming weekend, with at least 12 shows on Friday and Saturday. There are onsales for shows across the country, but many of them are for east coast cities. Unlike The Rolling Stones, there is no need for qualification — the multi-show city wins it out by a large amount. The four shows in Clarkston, MI, make up 27% of all Kid Rock orders. Everything else is below 10%.

Sales data from as of 4/15/2013 10:30 a.m. EDT.