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There isn’t too much I love more than random celebrations. National Cookie Day, National Pie Day, National Pet Day, National Wear Pajamas Day. Whatever it is, I'll take it. So why not take part in National Velociraptor Awareness Day? Sure, the holiday might just be made up by this random guy on the internet (as most things are), but I don’t need much else to celebrate dinosaurs.

It’s particularly relevant because Jurassic Park 3D was released earlier this month and a fourth film will come out sometime next year. Here are a few reasons why Velociraptors are so awesome* (mixed with some Jurassic Park gifs since that's where I get all my information from) to raise our awareness of the majorly under-appreciated dinosaurs!

1. Velociraptors are carnivores. Which means they would probably enjoy bacon if they were around today, and that makes them all right in my book. They did have feathers, which may make them seem kind of wimpy, since feathers are akin to birds, and birds eat bugs and plants. But do you really think raptors subsisted on green, leafy vegetables?! They weren’t vegetarians; they were carnivores. The Jurassic Park Wiki says Velociraptors consumed one thing: meat. That’s it. Mostly because that’s all you need to know. Thankfully, humans weren’t around when raptors were alive so we couldn’t become part of their diet. If we had been around, this is probably what would have happened, minus the huge T-Rex swooping in and saving us because this is real life and not a movie (thanks to DinosaursFourever for the gif):

2. They had crazy claws. Raptors may not have been the tallest dinosaurs (in reality, they were only around 2 feet tall, but let’s pretend they’re as big as they were portrayed in the Jurassic Park movies) but they had something else: an enlarged, sickle-shaped claw on each hindfoot. You’re probably like, "Whatever, they’re super tiny, I can just kick them over," but actually the claws were used as a slashing weapon to cut and disembowel prey. So good luck with that.

3. Velociraptors always arrive in style. As long as their claws aren't clacking on the ground, apparently Velociraptors are light on their feet. The kid in Jurassic Park had no idea he was coming, which makes me think they are super-good at sneaking up on people — especially when in a museum of dinosaurs where there are models of them everywhere. So it's like, one minute there are no dinosaurs in the room, and then suddenly it's a raptor party. Leave it to Velociraptors to make every party all about them, knowing full well we can't really argue. (See reasons 1 and 2 for why.)

4. They are hilarious. What other dinosaur is going to play hide-and-seek with you? If he wasn't so prone to eating me, I'd totally want that (not so) little guy as a pet.

5. Velociraptors were chosen as THE dinosaurs for Jurassic Park. Yes, there was a ginormous T-Rex, but the raptors played a huge role in the Jurassic Park park franchise, making an appearance in every movie and video game since then. It was probably because they were so awesome. And scary.

Once thing is clear to me: Velociraptors may be extinct in real life, but they’re alive and well in our hearts.

*Note: I am not a paleontologist. And thanks to FYeahMovieClub for the rest of the gifs!