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This week, we've been inspired by everyone who came together following the Boston Marathon tragedy, amused by a Pixar/AMC mash-up, and giggling uncontrollably at things that sounds like "bad words" on TV.

Bruins/Sabres National Anthem

The recent Boston bombings have been on everyone’s minds this week, with an overwhelming amount of support for Boston throughout the country. The hashtag #BostonStrong has been trending on Twitter, alongside tweets of support and well wishes, including the Boston Red Sox. At a Yankees v. Diamondbacks game earlier this week, the team paid tribute to their longtime rivals, Boston Red Sox, by playing “Sweet Caroline” — the song that’s become a staple of the Red Sox at Fenway Park. The first Boston home game (Boston Bruins played Buffalo Sabres at TD Garden) gave us what could arguably be one of the best National Anthem performances ever. Rene Rancourt, who was intended to sing the song, got through only a few lines before the entire crowd joined in. They sang the rest together.

Toy Story/Walking Dead

The similarities between the “Toy Story” franchise and “The Walking Dead” television show/comic book series were brought to light a week or two ago, but I just recently caught a re-cut intro for “The Walking Dead” using “Toy Story” characters so I have to talk about it. The intro is AMAZING, and it mirrors the original AMC show pretty accurately — but with Woody, Buzz, and Bo Peep! The argument is that “Toy Story” and “The Walking Dead” have some uncanny similarities, including a sheriff hero (Woody, Rick), who has a best friend who’s a law officer (Buzz, Shane), and a friend he loves more than himself (Andy, Carl). It's a fun, cute discovery for fans of both. (For a full list of similarities, check out this video.)

Kmart’s viral video

It’s probably not often that Kmart comes up in our daily conversations, and I have a personal vendetta against them following their Christmas ads last season that got stuck in my head constantly. But they did something right with their latest advertisement, which was released April 10 and already has more than 13 million views. (It’s a commercial, people, so that’s kind of a big deal.) It’s promoting the store’s new policy, where they will ship things to your house for free if you can’t find it in store… but “ship” totally sounds like something else. Conclusion: deep down, we are all still sixth graders who think cussing (or when it sounds like someone is cussing) is hilarious.


What were you talking about this week?