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I was not particularly in on the “Gangnam Style” craze when it first happened, but I was kind of the only one. I could recognize its significance, though, in that it was one of the first songs to come complete with its own dance moves since Cali Swag District's "Teach Me How To Dougie." Psy's song joined the ranks of the equally beloved and reviled collection of wedding-songs-everyone-is-required-to-dance-to, like "Macarena" and "Electric Slide."

Because of that, most seemed to assume Psy would be a one-hit wonder and fade away just like Lou Bega (“Mambo No. 5”) and Baha Men (“Who Let the Dogs Out?”). Maybe he'd come back for a reality show at some point (like Vanilla Ice) but if not, we likely would never hear from him again.

Instead, he released a new song called “Gentleman” as well as a new video, which quickly skyrocketed to more than 160 million views. I'm pretty sure Psy is part magician? I don't know for sure, but the man is obviously doing something right! Like "Gangham Style," the new song is catchy, the video silly and kitchy, and there's a dance to go along with it, though it's slightly less exciting than the original.

Still, Psy's a pretty fascinating dude, if for no other reason than the fact that "Gentleman" has already been banned in South Korea because the scene where he jaywalks and kicks a traffic cone "could encourage anti-social behavior." Oh, and also, he totally did a commercial for pistachios at the Super Bowl.

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