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This week, Ellen DeGeneres meets Ellen DeGeneres, Beyonce kicks off her tour, and the cutest birthday gift ever is something we can’t even try to top.

Ellen DeGeneres (times two!)

Ellen DeGeneres is widely adored, especially because she's so funny, seems down-to-earth, and can take a joke. While many celebrities might get offended by impersonations done by the cast of SNL, Ellen not only invited Kate McKinnon onto the show, but encouraged Kate to do her impersonation while the two were together. Ellen even gave Kate a matching outfit to really complete the gag. The result was pretty hilarious, as seen in the video (above). Kate takes on Ellen's dance moves and even kind of sounds like her, if a bit exaggerated. I loved every second of it.

Beyonce On Tour

Beyonce kicked off her Mrs. Carter World Tour and with that, came much discussion over her costumes, new songs, and of course, the fact that her team has banned photographers from her shows. Some say it’s because Beyonce and her team want to stop unflattering photos from being released, while others say it’s just to keep her tour under wraps. I say telling people not to do something just makes them want to do it even more, so that may not have been the best idea — especially because unflattering photo or not, we all know Beyonce is stunning. All this will really do is make it so that the pictures most media outlets choose to use look like this. (Still love you, Bey!)

Cutest birthday gift ever

Coming up with a birthday gift each year for your significant other can be really, really hard, especially if you’ve been together for a long time. Leigh, a graphic designer, decided to out-do everyone by creating an amazing birthday gift for her husband, Oren, that recreated the title sequences from some of his favorite shows. She substituted his friends and family to help recreate “30 Rock,” "Arrested Development," and "The Office." I counted 11 shows in all – the three mentioned, plus: "Mad Men"; "Lost"; "Adventure Time"; "Frasier"; "New Girl"; "Curb Your Enthusiasm"; "2 Broke Girls"; and "Community." The more you watch the three-minute video, the more obvious it becomes how much work actually went into it. All I know is my boyfriend and I should probably be friends with this couple because we have the same taste in TV shows.


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