Game of Thrones meets FRIENDS, Star Wars, Parks and Rec

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I, like pretty much everyone else, am a huge fan of "Game of Thrones." My favorite show, "Parks and Rec," makes gratuitous references to it (especially Ben, who is crazy-obsessed with it) and it's all over the place. This week a "Game of Thrones" meets "FRIENDS" mash-up made its rounds on the internet. Check it out, along with a "Star Wars" tribute and "Parks and Rec" references to the show! (Game of Thrones spoilers ahead... obviously.)


While I liked "FRIENDS," the show wasn't exactly known for it's deep, riveting plot lines but rather, it's fun, light-hearted moments. "Game of Thrones" is the complete opposite. The show is all about the serious (it loves death and misfortune). So imagining "Game of Thrones" as an awesomely-'90s sitcom is fun.

Star Wars

"Star Wars" and "Game of Thrones" are probably on the same level of nerdiness. They're both pervasive in pop culture, but still wildly viewed as something only nerds watch. Whatevs, I enjoyed the video of Brienne and Jamie battling it out with light sabers instead of swords.

Parks and Rec

Just this past week, Donna and Ann talked "Game of Thrones" — in reference to the department's resident nerd, Ben Wyatt. Ben is absolutely, 100 percent obsessed with the show, and even uses the username Tyrion Lannister online. (See also: Ben Wyatt really, really loves "Game of Thrones" part one, and two.)

Other TV References

This mash-up offers "Game of Thrones" references in TV shows from "Castle" to "The Office," ESPN to "The Simpsons." I'm serious about the spoilers in this one, guys. Tread carefully.

Which one's your favorite? And will you be tuning in tonight to watch it?