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April's Top 10 Events

Although there were some other stories, April belonged to Sir Paul McCartney. The ever popular British rocker released a a stream of North American tour dates throughout the month that helped propel him to the top. Although McCartney was in the Top 10 last September, he also had fewer tour dates scheduled at the time (five versus twenty-one). As has always been the case in this list, volume equals success. More tour dates helped generate more sales this time around.

Despite having plenty of two-night stops — Orlando, FL; Brooklyn, NY; Austin, TX; and Tulsa, OK — the best-performing cities were ones where only one show is scheduled. Indeed, you have to get past Washington, DC; Seattle, WA; and Milwaukee, WI; before you can get to the best-performing two-night city, Brooklyn. The three single-concert cities made up 42% of all McCartney ticket sales on for April.

While there is some connection to how well a city did based on how early the tour date was announced, in a few cases it may simply be that residents of some cities (and their surrounding areas) are more enthusiastic for McCartney than others. For example, Indianapolis was announced on April 12 and Milwaukee on April 15, but Milwaukee did far better on Likewise, Tulsa was announced on April 5, but so far has been one of the worst-selling tour dates. However, there is still a bit of time until those concerts, so perhaps cities such as Indianapolis and Tulsa will catch up as those dates arrive.

* Rankings are as of 5/6/2013 10:00 a.m. EDT. Top 10 list is ranked based by the number of tickets sold on