Bowie's Space space!

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This weekend, the outgoing commander of the International Space Station, Canada's Chris Hadfield, gave a bit of a farewell message as he prepared to depart the space station. With acoustic guitar in hand, he (with some help from "Ground Control") produced a music video from the space station, featuring a slightly modified cover of David Bowie's classic tune "Space Oddity." The revised lyrics are great, and with that voice Hadfield could probably make it as lead singer of a band back home, but it's the visuals that really make the thing come together. Take a look.

As you might imagine, word got back to the Goblin King himself, who seems thrilled:

This type of thing is pretty much par for the course for the social media-friendly astronaut. Apart from his regular duties as commander, Hadfield has done a lot of work in the last six months or so to promote science and space exploration with regular Q and A's on link sharing site Reddit, live sessions and other educational opportunities via YouTube, and well...this.