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Whenever an SNL alum comes back to host the show, it’s pretty much a guaranteed good episode. When Kristen Wiig comes back to host SNL, the world collectively breathes a sigh of relief because SNL feels complete again. Or something like that! The point is, Kristen hosted Saturday’s show and the consensus seems to be that she did pretty great. In case you missed it, here are a few of her best skits from Saturday’s show.

The Californians

The accents in this skit are amazing, but the fact that Kristen, Fred, and Bill keep almost-breaking makes it even better. Also, Maya Rudolph, Kristen’s co-star in the films "Bridesmaids" and "Friends With Kids," makes an appearance!

Target Lady

Aside from Kristen’s "Slightly-Off Lawrence Welk Performer" bit, "Target Lady" is one of her most popular characters. She reprised both during Saturday’s show (although the former is a bit racy for the blog), and didn’t disappoint.


Kate McKinnon plays Kristen Wiig’s mom in the most accurate portrayal of unintentionally-annoying moms that we still love no matter what.

Garth and Kat

Garth and Kat (Fred and Kristen) make an appearance as "musicians" who want to sing Mother’s Day songs. But it’s awesome because it’s just several minutes of Kristen and Fred with awful hair and hideous turtlenecks and pink vests (with butterfly and bunny patches on it!) trying to make each other laugh.

Socialite CD

Kristen Wiig, Cecily Strong, and Aidy Bryant play socialites who release auto-tuned music that we never, ever, ever asked for. (Very mild cussing in the beginning of this video.)


What did you think of Kristen's appearance?

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