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Since I talked about "The Office" finale at length already, I won't include that in this week's post. But just know this: OMG. In addition to "The Office," we'll also say goodbye to an SNL cast member; the cutest graduate said goodbye to college; and Barbara Walters says goodbye to television.

Bill Hader leaves SNL

This week, Bill Hader announced that Saturday's SNL episode will be his last. His decision to leave the show follows that news that Seth Meyers will be leaving Weekend Update to take over Jimmy Fallon's late-night hosting gig. Hader told the New York Times, "It was a hard decision, but it has to happen at some point." For eight years, Hader played characters like the smarmy game show host; Herb Welch, a not-so-great reporter; and, of course, Stefon, a frequent Weekend Update guest who gave tips for the hottest spots in NYC, usually in the form of nightclubs that were so bizarre Hader couldn't stay in character. (See a mash-up of great Stefon moments in the video.) Mostly, Bill Hader was one of those SNL members who seemed like he'd be on the show forever. And we kinda liked it that way.

Dog graduates college

Hero graduates college

It's not every day we get to see a dog in cap and gown, but it wouldn't have been a proper graduation ceremony if Hero, a service dog, hadn't dressed for the occasion. Hero helped his human, Bridget, receive her Master's Degree from University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. Bridget mentioned Hero knows 40 commands, loves to retrieve objects for her, can turn off lights and open doors, and even helps pull her wheelchair up ramps. "I couldn't have gone to college without him," Bridget said. Is your heart a puddle of mush yet? (Photo credit goes to Bridget, AKA Reddit user f3b14.)

Barbara Walters retires

This week, Barbara Walters announced she would be retiring next year after a career that began on "The Today Show" in 1961. Let's be real, the woman totally deserves it. Not only did she pave the way for female journalists, but Barbara Walters created "The View" and has been hailed for her no-nonsense interviews with the biggest celebrities, politicians, and power players of all time. She's interviewed every U.S. president and first lady since Richard and Pat Nixon. (No big deal, right?) Each year, she names her top 10 most fascinating people, a list many consider an honor to be part of. Sure, she's said her fair share of not-so-great things, but she's still a part of history, and that's pretty cool.


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