Three irresistibly adorable pug dog videos

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I haven't posted a puppy video in a while, so to make up for it, here are three super-cute pugs! The first is of a dog who gets scolded and is really sad about it. Happy Sundog!


Bad Scruffy

No idea if this dog's name is actually Scruffy, but he is so sad when he gets scolded! I think part of it is because his owner sounds like Mr. Rogers... and you'd cry, too, if Mr. Rogers scolded you.

Future Olympic Sport (for Dogs)

I only have one dog and I think it's really cute (and funny) when I say certain words and it makes him tilt his head to the side. Take that, multiply it by four, and you get synchronized head tilting, AKA a whole lot of cute.


Dramatic Dog

The next time you need to make a dramatic point, I suggest you use this video. It will make whatever you have to say better, no matter what it is.

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